7 Day Diet Body Detox


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Protein and Tomatoes. You can have a piece of meat/fish either grilled or baked for lunch and dinner with tomatoes.

Today is the day to make up for all the protein in your system. The meat will give you protein and if you consume fish, you will get your share of Omega 3 Fatty acids which do wonders for health. The tomatoes give you fibre and minerals – in particular lycopene which is a super-food for the human body. Eating the tomatoes will also aid in flushing out the system

Tips for making Day 5 successful:

Day 5 will go by smoothly if you enjoy eating meat or fish. Vegetarians can substitute with tofu which is a rich source of high quality vegetable protein. Start your day with Wonder Soup or slices of tomatoes with salt and pepper. For lunch and dinner you can grill or bake the meat/fish/tofu. You can have this with the “wonder soup”. Try to eat cold water fish such as Salmon or Tuna – both of these are excellent sources of protein and contain the high levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids beneficial to the body. Omega 3 Fatty acids are one of the few compounds that the human body does not produce on its own hence it is essential to get it from an external source.
Remember to eat 6-8 fresh tomatoes today.

Here is how to achieve it




Tips and Suggestions! 

- Start your diet on a Monday
- Fill an empty 2-litre bottle of soda with water and finish it by the end of the day.
- Keep a bag of carrots handy
- Walk 45-60 minutes every day if possible 

Suggestions for after! 

what can you expect?   

well, let's be clear on one thing, your output will be directly in correlation to your input.  there are no shortcuts but if you follow the plan the way you should then you can expect this...

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