7 Day Diet Body Detox


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Fruits, vegetables and juices. Consume an assortment of fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices. Half a cup of brown rice is optional – but not recommended.

You are now on your last day of the diet. You might feel a little weak this morning because your body has not consumed too much carbohydrate in the last 2 days. Today, you can eat fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices. Brown rice is optional but not recommended if you want to see weight loss.

Tips to make Day 7 successful:

In order to make sure you end on a high note achieving your target of weight loss coupled with a full body detox, you must follow this last day carefully. Start your day with an assortment of fruit – melons, apples, pears, oranges or berries. Also, make sure you have enough fruit to last you through the day in case you feel like snacking. Berries make a tasty and convenient snack (blueberries and strawberries). For lunch, you can eat a salad with a balsamic and oil dressing (not more then one teaspoon olive oil). You can also have unlimited quantities of vegetable juices – green juice with spinach, kale, watercress and ginger or carrot juice with wheatgrass. The juices do wonders for detox as well as provide high quality concentrated nutrition. For dinner, you can either eat fruits or a salad with Wonder Soup.

Before you go to bed tonight, reflect on the last 7 days and think about your strength and perseverance to stick to this diet.

The benefits are tremendous – and affect more than the number you will see on the scale the next morning or the difference in the fit of your clothes. The change will be in the functioning of your body which will be operating in an enhanced manner due to the detox process.

You can repeat this diet almost once a month if you choose. Once in two months would be an efficient and healthy way to lose a few pounds that creep up on you when you are not  paying attention!

Here is how to achieve it



Tips and Suggestions! 

- Start your diet on a Monday
- Fill an empty 2-litre bottle of soda with water and finish it by the end of the day.
- Keep a bag of carrots handy
- Walk 45-60 minutes every day if possible 

Suggestions for after! 

what can you expect?   

well, let's be clear on one thing, your output will be directly in correlation to your input.  there are no shortcuts but if you follow the plan the way you should then you can expect this...

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