Benefits of this 7 Day Diet:

Of course, this is a 7 days diet plan to reduce weight but it will all depend on you as to how much you lose..  Although this diet may seem like a "crash diet" and on some level, it very well may be.  However, it's important that you realize the real benefits of this 7 day challenge diet as it will challenge your will power but the results can be rewarding.   They are:

To lose belly fat and give you a head start on your long term mission of losing and maintaining optimal weight and


To give your body the detox it deserves. Yes, this diet can also be used for a 7-day cleanse.


Before you start your 7 day diet, just prepare yourself mentally as it will require some will power and motivation to see it through the end. Worry not, the 7 day diet menu is not that bad and it gets easier as you progress through the early days of the diet.


The weight loss also after you complete this 1 week diet will also trigger additional health benefits as outlined below.

Lowering the risk of diabetes:

There's a direct correlation between obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and losing weight may delay or prevent the full-blown disease. According to the Diabetes Prevention Program, a study of some 3,000 overweight and obese people, researchers found that losing just 7 percent of body weight reduced the risk of diabetes by 58 percent for people with impaired glucose tolerance, which often precedes diabetes.

Reduction of risk of cardiovascular diseases:

Medical studies have shown that a person who loses 5 to 13 percent of his/her body weight can reduce harmful levels of triglycerides and LDL ("bad") cholesterol and increase HDL ("good") cholesterol. Moderate weight loss may also reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure medication.


In addition to the weight loss, this diet will aid in systematic cleansing and detoxification by getting rid of all the built up toxins and food wastes in our body from foods that have a high content of sodium, refined sugar and saturated fat as well as junk foods. You will also have enhanced levels of energy and improved disposition and self esteem.

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