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Stop Smoking

  • Smoking - What You Should Know and How To Quit
    Do you have “Quit Smoking” on your list of New Year’s resolutions as you have had for many years past? Make THIS the year you quit smoking and kick the habit for good because you are worth it! A study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Psychology says that people who make New Year's resolutions have higher rates of success at changing their behavior than people who don't make resolutions.
  • Natural Remedies to help you quit Smoking
    As you read this, you are probably filled with anxiety with the very thought of being without that reassuring packet of cigarettes in your bag or pocket! You might have been smoking for years. Maybe this is the first time you are seriously considering "giving up" or perhaps you have tried before and failed. Whatever the case may be - don't be discouraged, you are one of millions!