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How to motivate yourself for this 7 Day Diet:


Motivation for 7 Day Diet

Losing weight is like any other venture. It requires commitment and planning.  A few ways to motivate yourself before starting the diet are:

Write it down:

It is helpful if you write down your reasons and goals for the diet. This way you can look at it when demotivating thoughts start to creep in. You can keep this piece of paper in your wallet or on your fridge as a constant reminder and read it everyday.   The more specific you are, the greater your motivation. Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight or get into an old pair of pants or have a figure like your favorite celebrity? Or do you want to detox your body, be stronger or get more energy? Whatever your personal motivation for dieting, write it down. 

Keep a diary:

Keeping a diary of what you eat each dayduring this diet is an effective tool to keep you honest. It is something you can look at and know at one glance if you faltered. Also, a visual reminder is much more effective in urging you not to make that mistake again.

Tell your family and peers:

Telling your family and peers about your 7-day diet/food plan will support you in sticking to this regimen because they will serve as reminders on a daily basis asking about it and keeping you honest. Oftentimes, peers who have similar goals get influenced and start on the same plan and can serve as diet-buddies.

Read something inspirational:

Studies have shown that reading something inspirational right before you go to sleep at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning has a positive effect on your subconscious mind which, in turn will help in inspiring you to stick to your 7 day regimen.

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