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Instructions on How to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 days*

How to Get the Most Out of this 7 Day Diet?

It's great that you have decided to embark on this 7-day weight loss program. For some it may seem like a difficult task but for others it is a mission. All who visit this site come here wondering how to lose 10 pounds in a week. The question is are you ready?

Achieving maximum benefit from this diet will solely depend on how you actually think about this 7-day diet. It will be crucial how you manage your mindset in approaching this quick weight loss diet and therefore it will be in your best interest to put yourself in the proper frame of mind before starting this diet. Most importantly, how effectively you use our 7 day diet meal planning tool.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing. The primary purpose of this diet is to give you a quick weight loss plan so that you can see some results and then leverage that momentum in perhaps implementing a shift in your daily eating routine. You may shed some pounds but as they say easy come easy go. So what’s going to change for you after this diet that will help you enjoy extended benefits from the results you may see from this diet?

Some of you may be trying this for the first time and some may have done this before and it’s because of the results they keep coming back.

Here are the seven ways for you to get the maximum results from this quick weight loss 7 day diet :

  1. Do this quick diet only if you are serious about seeing some weight loss results in just 7 days.
  2. Be willing to prepare yourself mentally to keep the end in mind and the will power to sustain yourself during the 7 days of this diet.
  3. Be willing to commit to this diet and set a date for start and then stick to it. The best way to do this is by identifying a week where you won’t be distracted by any social events such as birthday parties or celebrations that may derail you from this diet.
  4. Use our customization tool to plan each and every meal of this 7-day diet in advance so that you not only know exactly what you will be eating but also the nutritional facts for each day in terms of calories, fat and other nutrition facts. Our tool gives you many options to choose from and gives you a complete breakdown of all the nutrition that you will be consuming with each plan, on a real-time basis. Please make sure to enter your weight before you start your 7-day diet.
  5. Print the meal plan using your member admin panel so you can stick that plan on your fridge and even carry a copy with you in your bag if you find yourself on the road. Alternatively, you can log in from anywhere using a desktop or mobile device to see your meal plan for any day of your diet.
  6. Using your member admin panel, you can also with a single click of your mouse, print a neatly organized grocery shopping list. This list gets compiled automatically for you as you go about creating your custom 7 day diet meal plan so that you don’t have to put in any additional effort in getting organized. Set a budget for buying the right type of food as identified by you during the creation of your personalized 7 day diet menu and visit your grocery store the day before you start to stock up on all the items you plan to eat during the 7-day diet.
  7. Above all, you must enjoy the process and understand that this is just to give you a jump start and also perhaps introduce you to new food ideas that you may not have considered previously.

Now that you understand what it will take so get excited about this diet and start seeing this as a 7-day weight loss mission and prepare to commit to it.

Yes, it will be discomforting when you start the diet but if you understand the benefits then you, too, will realize that there is a method behind this madness. The good news is that as you progress through the 7 day diet, you will see it gets easier to manage as long as you stick to it, as suggested by the 7-day diet plan.

As a reminder, absolutely no caffeine and alcohol are allowed during the entire course of this 7 day diet. No coffee, no tea, no alcoholic drinks but LOTS of water. At least 80 oz. of water each day of the diet, spread-out during the day.

Are you ready? Get started with your 7 day diet now and prove to yourself that you, too, can lose upto 10 pounds in a week.

* Results may vary based on the body type, exercise and strict adherence to the diet.